Sports Injury

Sports medicine is the specialty concerned with preventing, diagnosing, treating, and recovering injuries caused by athletic activity. Sports injuries can occur for several reasons, such as overuse, inadequate flexibility, or environmental changes. Dr. David Altchek provides world-renowned sports medicine care to athletes of all levels and is a pioneer of innovative surgical techniques to help patients get back in the game.

Why Choose Dr. Altchek For Sports Injuries?

Dr. David Altchek is perhaps best known for his innovative adjustment to the original Tommy John surgical technique called docking. As a second-generation orthopedic physician, Dr. Altchek is one of the lead consultants to the NBA in addition to his work with the New York Mets. His work with the NBA has allowed him to focus his research on ACL reconstructions. Dr. Altchek also serves as the top doctor for many tennis professionals. When working with Dr. Altchek, you can be sure you are receiving quality care.

Sports Injury Services

  • Arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee, and elbow.
  • UCL Reconstruction – Docking Procedure.
  • Total Shoulder Replacement.
  • Total Knee Replacement.
  • ACL Reconstruction.
  • Shoulder Instability treatment.

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Dr. David Altchek provides a wide range of specialized treatments to evaluate and treat chronic and sports-related conditions properly. If you have recently been diagnosed with a sports injury, be sure to contact Dr. David Altchek today and get started on your road to recovery.

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